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We are currently making this space available to anyone who is interested in new models of relationship. An updated reflexion has been giving a new kind of behavior.
As a sociologist, my research on LOVE led me to investigate on the true ways to find sensuality, peace and joy rather than suffering.
Because I found so many irregularities related to love affairs, I created this concept of Ecological Love. As I was incomfortable with the circumstances of my own conception, I had to deconstruct the journey of my own brood. There I found thoughts that belongs directly to some diktature’s concepts. This shocking discovery was the beginning of my magical dream! We could say Magical Ecological Love!

Catherine Brunelle, B.Sc., PA LEED®
Sociologue, auteure, conférencière et artiste multidisciplinaire
AmourEcologique.com / EcologicalLove.com

Amour Ecologique

Sceau hébergement écoresponsable

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