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«Ecological Love: The Practice» (Course video format 58 minutes. English version)

«Amour Écologique: La Pratique» (Cours format vidéo 58 minutes. Version originale Française)

We are pleased to invite you to these courses. You will be able to ask any questions that suits  this very particular issue on our website, on on our facebook page.  You must have a lot of interrogations to submit!!!  Just keep in mind that we will only have an answer for respectful mentions and interventions. Only respectful comments and questions will be considered.  Thank you!

Ecological Love

Hello everyone! / Bonjour tout le monde!


«Ecological Love: The Practice» Course #1

I have the pleasure to invite you to the first
video course on the crucial subject of
Ecological Love. / J’ai le plaisir de
vous inviter au premier cours en vidéo
sur le sujet crucial de l’Amour Écologique.

«Amour Écologique: La Pratique» Cours #1